To get value from the internet you need a strong web presence that is aligned with your objectives, and this usually includes a website that is highly visible in search results.

Some of the first questions we ask potential clients are:

What are the objectives of your web presence?
Who do you expect to visit your website?
How do you expect them to find your website?
What do you want them to do when they arrive at your website?
What outcomes do you want from that?

On the web you need to be visible, effective, and focused on your desired outcomes. There are five main steps in our process to ensure this:


graphicanalysisThe first step is to ensure that you truly understand your online market, its potential, your competition, and what your website can contribute to your success. Our analysis gives you the full picture, and in most cases we do not even charge for it!


siteanalysisOnce you know your market and objectives, you need to design and optimize everything about your website and web marketing strategy to match those objectives. Words, images, layout, navigation, color, interaction, and much more can impact effectiveness. So we live-test every component and variation.

Create Traffic:

pagerankingNow that you have an effective website in a well reseached market you need to get people to it. No point having a great website if no-one ever sees it!

Without traffic nothing else matters on the web, and quality traffic is the key. And the highest quality is “organic” traffic – people who find you through online search. They are the people who are looking for what you offer, and there are many ways of reaching them. First and foremost is having the right website content and structure, then you might kick-start it with social networks, word of mouth, articles, viral video, advertising, and more. This is how you build your web presence, and whatever it takes, we make it happen.

Convert Traffic:

achieve your objectives in one clickBack to those desired outcomes.. When your hard-won traffic arrives on your website you have a just few seconds to convince them to take some action that supports the achievement of your objectives.

Typically, 70% of visitors will not go past the first page they see, so make sure that they can take that action immediately. Whether you want them to buy something, make a donation, support a cause, phone you, sign up to your newsletter, or click though to another page – give them a good reason to do it now, and make it easy!

Maintain and Grow:

move with the world-wide-webThe web moves fast. Your web presence should grow with it, and your website evolve to keep matching your needs and the needs of your site visitors.  An out-of-date website does not inspire confidence.

Highland Group websites are designed to be maintained and updated by non-technical people, so our clients can make their own changes whenever they want to at no cost. And our clients are never locked in by proprietary software or knowledge, so they can tap in to a whole world of talented support people if they wish to.