Gunawirra Aboriginal Preschool support

gunawirraGunawirra is a not-for-profit organization providing services for Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from birth to adulthood. The main objective of Gunawirra programs is to ensure the growth and development of Aboriginal children such that they are equipped to assume their rightful place in Australian society.

Gunawirra seeks for every child: a sound education, a loving family, and a secure and safe community in which to grow.

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Highland Group re-defines Web Visibility

move with the world-wide-webHighland Group specializes in creating an effective presence on the Internet for our clients.

At Highland Group we use the power in internet marketing, advertising, and connecting with the world of web 2.0 social networks to get you noticed.

These social networks satisfy human social needs through technology, and organizations can reach millions of people through them. With this in mind, we intend to assist the not-for-profit sector just as much as the corporate world, and help these organizations expand their visibility on the web.

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