Highland Group is dedicated to making an effective web presence affordable for every organization, business or individual. We provide low cost websites and web services that actually work. But what do we mean by “actually work”?

So many times we have been approached by businesses that have a website but they are not getting any benefit from it. Typically this is because it has low visibility in the search engines so no-one can find them, or because its structure does not encourage visitors to take any useful action.  It does not matter if a website is free or cost a million dollars, for it to work the following must happen:

  • people must visit the site – and they must be able to find it through a search engine
  • visitors must be immediately engaged by the site so they do not just move on
  • visitors must be able to understand and use the site easily
  • visitors must take actions that support the site owner’s desired outcomes

These are the things we focus on at Highland Group – for more detail please see our Services page – and we like to avoid anything that gets in the way like Flash intros and pages that visitors have to click through (70% of visitors won’t!), why put barriers in the way?

But first of all your website needs to be highly visible on the crowded and competitive Internet. Otherwise it is like opening a shop on a backstreet where no-one will go. No matter how good the shop is, no visitors means no outcomes.

Fortunately we are really good at getting our clients into the first page of search results. Our tag line is “stand out in the cloud!” – and we do it by getting the websites right, not by short term SEO tricks or paid advertising. We can build from scratch or overhaul existing sites.

How much do we expect our clients to invest to make their websites effective? It varies with the size and complexity of website but here is a guide (excl GST):

$1000 will get you a simple, good looking, highly visible and effective website of a few pages, typically with contact and subscription forms and statistical tracking.

$2000 will cover a website with more complex structure, probably including social networking and video content.

$3000+ will provide all of the above plus built-in features like ecommerce, event management, mailing lists, supplementary sites and more.

Of course the sky is the limit and we can provide whatever services are desired, but the above is all that we believe you need to create an effective web presence through Highland Group.

For no-obligation advice about your requirements please click here!

What about hosting and maintenance? An out of date website does not inspire confidence. All Highland Group websites use open standards and our clients are not locked in to having them maintained or hosted by us, but many choose to do so. We normally charge $50-100 per month to host and maintain a website, including updating client content as and when required and maintaining the underlying software. We also host websites that clients maintain themselves, and we maintain websites on our client’s own choice of hosting.

At Highland Group we also believe in pro bono support of disadvantaged communities and worthy causes. If your organization provides a genuine community service talk to us – we love to help wherever we can.

Again, for no-obligation advice about your requirements please contact us now!